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- Power doesn't need to come in big packages. Look at this ugly looking ball of a root. That's potato - a small Lilliputian who has done a Herculean task. It was Potato that opened the doors of Industrial Revolution in Europe. It helped the European Imperialism sustain during the slowdown era. Those were the times when Potato had envied coal. The same potato is responsible for many baked food products around the world.

After spending good 4 years in research and development, we have developed state of the art expertise of manufacturing native Potato Starch. We have joined hands with the Potato processing industries in India to fulfill the task. With our years of experience coupled with R&D and testings, we have earned the expertise in consultation and consensus with experts worldwide.

The potato starch manufactured by Siddharth Starch Pvt Ltd. is produced from potatoes grown and processed in India. Our starch is uniquely suited for a variety of applications. It is a great gluten free binder and expander that creates a moist and open texture.


Siddharth Starch has been founded by our promoter, Mr. Rajendra Madaney, was obsessed with the idea of making native potato starch due to his social commitment. Mr. Madaney made it a mission to find a solution about water conservation.

He decided to set up his own manufacturing facility where he could implement his water recycling and re-use ideas. He seek guidance of the World renowned Indian water conservationist and the Magsaysay awardee Dr. Rajendrasinh Rana.


Social commitment is the main inspiration of any of our ventures. That's the reason we are now in the process of setting up a plant to manufacture Potato Starch from waste potatoes and waste potato fines that remain at Potato processing units. This will certainly provide a complete solution to liquid and solid waste management in Potato processing companies.

Our strategic location is ideal for a supply chain in India. Due to its unique water recycling technique Siddharth Starch is the most preferred partner of Potato processing companies in India. At one of its location Siddharth Starch is able to recycle 300 CUM of water/day (i.e. 3 lakh liter per day) in an arid region in India there by abiding to its commitment to Environmental issues.