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Native Potato Starch is basically a carbohydrate, consisting of amylose and amylopectin. The quality and consistency of native Potato Starch produced by Siddharth Starch has made it a role model among Potato Starch users in India. In spite of being sole manufacturer of native Potato Starch in India, Siddharth Starch is supplying native Potato Starch to Indian customers at most competitive price. Siddharth Starch is also very responsive to needs of its clients and uses its laboratory and R&D facilities to tailor make modifications as required by Potato Starch users. Presently Siddharth Starch is manufacturing Potato Starch from recovery system installed in Potato processing companies.

  • High Viscosity
  • Forms a great texture/gel
  • Forms a clear solution
  • High water binding capacity
  • No malodour
Potato Starch consistency

The 24 x 7 recycling of water at Potato processing companies has ensured manufacturing of native Potato Starch very consistent. Engineering graduates man the whole recycling system there by making Siddharth Starch as one of the most competitive unit. The quality processing, packaging and continuos monitoring of the process has put the native Potato Starch of Siddharth Starch at most enviable position in the Potato Starch market.

Consistent and timely delivery is taken care of by Vayoodoot Logistics (an ISO 9001 company) with its highly trained personnel and most modern fleet

Apart from potato starch, Siddharth starch manufacture the following products.
  1. Native Potato starch
  2. Low Moisture Potato Starch
  3. Modified Potato Starch
  4. Modified Corn Starch
  5. Low Moisture Corn Starch
  6. Low Sodium Salt
  7. Sweet Potato Flakes Powder
  8. Special purpose food processing equipment

Other Range of Products


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