About Us

Siddharth Starch is the only company in India who is producing native Potato Starch. Siddharth Starch has developed state of the art expertise of manufacturing native Potato Starch. Presently Siddharth Starch is manufacturing Potato Starch in association with Potato processing industries in India. Siddharth Starch has done R&D for 4 years to develop its expertise in consultation and consensus with experts worldwide.


Unique water recycling method :-

Siddharth Starch has developed one of the most unique water recycling techniques. With this technology Siddharth Starch is able to reduce suspended load in process water from 40,000 p.p.m. to 1,500 p.p.m. thus making the water reuseable. At one of its site in India, Siddharth Starch has reduced the E.T.P. load in form of BOD & COD to the extent of 5,000 mg/lit. and has reduced the total solid load of E.T.P. by 3,700 kg/day.


In a water deficit world with growing global warming, Siddharth Starch has developed technology which we believe is one of the most appropriate technology for conservation of water, reuse of water and most significant is reduction in the use of energy. We are always striving to achieve optimum goals for our clients. We are committed to evolving a technology in which there will be zero liquid and solid waste due to extraction, conversion and using it judiciously. A state of the art  technology developed in the Developing World   is definitely a milestone in the progress of what is called the third world.


Spray dried Starch:-

Siddharth Starch has installed a spray drying unit having water evaporating capacity of 240 lit/hour at our world  class facility . The unit adheres to WHO norms and follows CGMP practices. This installment has made the native Potato Starch most suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications. Siddharth Starch is experimenting in developing pre-gelatinized , alcohol blended starches for specific applications

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