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The idea of Starch manufacturing dawned upon the mind Mr. Rajendra Madaney, the pioneer of Siddharth Starch, due to his social commitment. World renowned water conservist and Magasasy awardee Mr. Rajendrasinh Rana of India guided Mr. Madaney in water conservation method. Mr. Madaney made conservation of water as primary goal of his social mission. Mr. Madaney who is working as civil servant with the Government of Maharshtra started appealing to industrial concerns to use water judiciously and wherever possible make use of recycling technology. Although India being an agro economical based country, in the National Water use policy agriculture is accorded tertiary priority. In his endeavor for water conservation he found large use of water in Potato processing units where recycling technique was not in use and thus started the saga of Potato Starch manufacturing in India. After 4 years of  R & D Siddharth Starch is able to produce one of the best native Potato Starch from Potato processing plants in India. 

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