With one of the most sophisticated drying systems, trained engineers, most modern laboratory, CIP system, safety devices and most significant is the continuos monitoring has enabled Siddharth Starch to manufacture native Potato Starch of one of the best standards suited for Food and Pharmaceutical applications. Raw material is procurred fromĀ  Potato processing companies who adhere to World class CGMP standards.

  • Each batch is tested for
  • Moisture
  • Viscosity
  • Ash content
  • Microbial count
  • Nutritional Factor
  • PH
  • Particle size distribution

An analysis report of the above mentioned is dispatched to the customer along with the bill/invoices


Test report for Tin Boil Potato Starch.    Test report for Native Potato Starch.    Test report for Prejel Potato Starch.

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